System Status

This page addresses the status of Ecograder's algorithm and systems. We always strive to improve Ecograder's scoring algorithm and make the tool easier to use and understand. However, sometimes this means page scores or data provided in Ecograder reports may change over time. This is a natural part of improving the system.

March 2024: Metrics Scoring Change

Due to recent data changes in Google Lighthouse, we updated how the following metrics are scored:

  • Unminified CSS
  • Total Byte Weight
  • Unused CSS
  • Unminified Javascript
  • Unused Javascript
  • Third Party Summary
  • Resource Summary
  • Modern Image Formats
  • Server Response Time
  • Main Thread Work Breakdown
  • Main Thread Tasks
  • Uses Responsive Images
  • DOM Size

To achieve this, we replaced data from specific audits provided by Lighthouse with calculations created based on best practices from Web.Dev, Google Chrome's GitHub repository, and global web page averages. This will change how the metrics above contribute to both individual scores and your overall Ecograder score.

January 2024: Lighthouse Metrics Removed

To calculate page scores and estimate carbon emissions, Ecograder relies on data from several third-party sources. Occasionally, these third-party sources change their data structure or otherwise alter the information provided to Ecograder.

This happened in early January 2024. Google Lighthouse removed important data provided under three different metrics: 1) Reduce Server Response Time, 2) Avoid Excessive Dom Size, and 3) Main Thread Tasks. In turn, this generated errors and impacted Ecograder report scores.

We removed these metrics from Ecograder and are looking for viable alternatives to provide similarly useful information. In the interim, you will notice a change in your Ecograder scores.

November 2023: Digital Carbon Ratings Added

We collaborated with our friends at Wholegrain Digital to bring Digital Carbon Ratings to Ecograder and their tool, Website Carbon. Digital Carbon Ratings replace the Carbon Score in previous versions of Ecograder.

Digital Carbon Ratings use data from the HTTP Archive and other sources to help people more easily understand a website or digital product's potential carbon impact. For more information on Digital Carbon Ratings, please read this post on the Sustainable Web Design site.

Please note: This will impact your Ecograder score.

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